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Judge to rule on injunction in Tastries same-sex wedding cake case

“In my client’s mind this is a free exercise case.” He argued that the Rodriguez-Del Rios were trying to entrap Miller when they came into the bakery. Lampe rejected those arguments, sustaining objections from the DFEH lawyers and rejecting conclusions Miller drew that they were shopping for a lawsuit not a wedding cake. Lampe also declined to stay the Tastries case until the U.S. Supreme Court issues a ruling on a similar case justices heard recently regarding a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for the wedding of two men. Lampe listened to both side’s arguments, thanked them and said he would issue a ruling at a later date. Out of the courtroom attorneys said they thought Lampe did a good, balanced job of trying the case. “It’s hard to get a read from the tenor of the questions,” LiMandri said. “I believe this judge is going to do the right thing.” The state's lawyer, Mann, said he was not authorized to talk to the media following the hearing. But Patricia Ziegler-Lopez, the personal attorney for the Rodriguez-Del Rios, said she thought Lampe gave the case a fair hearing. She said she doesn’t think the ruling will take long to come down.

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